Our Passion

Our passion is to create engagingly interactive experiences that intimately connect people in memorable ways. Our commitment is to assist your company's evolution through innovation, development and creativity. This then gains client attraction and retention.

We Provide

We provide our clients with progressive solutions in order to stay modern in our continuously evolving world. Our creative work includes solutions for desktop computers, print and digital signage, and mobile devices. Our core focus is to ensure brand consistency and quality by offering services such as branding, creative design, print management and photography.

  • Strategy Solutions
    • Brand Strategy & Development
    • Content Strategy
    • Social Strategy
    • Analytics & measurement
  • Design Solutions
    • Interface & User experience design
    • Print Management
    • Brand design
    • Digital Asset Management & Creation
  • Online
    • Corporate/brand websites
    • Online branding and brand promotion
    • Email marketing
    • SEO services

Creating & Maintaining a Connection

We have been observing several top brands over the past few years in order to determine what makes them popular. We've found that emotions most often cause people to make the ultimate choice in selecting a specific company's product or service. For example: If you really enjoyed the quality of food and service at a restaurant, you would revisit and probably recommend it, wouldn't you?

Our motivation is to design a lasting connection between your company brand and your customers.

We believe that the best brand relationships are built on a decision to make an emotional connection. This emotional connection comes from a relationship that we create through rich and engaging brand stories that are memorable. Through imaginative storytelling and by tracking your metrics we can achieve consistent and lasting results.


Print Management

As a partner to your company we feel it's necessary to handle some of your marketing needs/requirements. Many of our clients are marketing their companies more than ever through printed material. So we've added a Print Management/Print Broker Service in order to fulfill these requirements and work alongside top printing agencies.

We Provide

We provide print management for those weekly, monthly and yearly print projects. From your daily office stationery to your event pull-up banners, we manage and provide your print solutions. Our extensive range of services consists print and design for publishing, using both digital and Heidelberg presses printing processes, which includes; stationery, brochures, magazines, newsletters, annual reports, large format, displays and signage. As print brokers, we will be able to compare and give competitive quotes. Printing at the right price!

We manage every print project large or small to ensure the highest quality saving you time and money. We offer you your own dedicated print buyer, who will handle your project from design to distribution.

  • Stationery Solutions
    • Business Cards
    • Letterheads
    • Envelopes
    • Note Pads
  • Marketing Solutions
    • Postcards
    • Flyers
    • Brochures
    • Pocket Folders
  • Promotional Solutions
    • Vinyl Banners
    • Display Boards
    • Large Format Posters
    • Pull-up & X Frame Banner

Still Life

Compelling, distinguished, powerful, stunning, authentic, genuine and inspiring - we bring still to life. Captivating photographs create a competitive advantage and inspires loyalty to your brand. The photos compliment your brands value, quality and confidence.
We focus on a user-centered experience. Our experiences and passion project through every click of the shutter.

Near or far, our passion for travel extends our ability to get the project done.
Contact us to make travel and accommodation arrangements for your next project.

Client List

Our photographers have produced memorable photography for many of our clients. They have a passionate eye for photography, which gives them ability to deliver strong visuals. Their professionalism and ability to meet both budget and timelines has become the cornerstone of their success. Their understanding of corporate design and infrastructure gives them a leading edge in presenting imagery that communicates your corporate brand.

Below you'll find a list of clients, just to name a few.